Security of Funds

Zara FX - Professional Brokering Services ensures absolute safety and complete security of your funds

The right hands for a safe investment

We have established and taken sufficient precautions to ensure that your assets are
adequately secured, allowing you to focus your undivided
attention on trading rather than fretting about the security of your funds.

First in Financial Security

Managing the security of our clients' funds with utmost care has been an essential facet of our concept of delivering an exceptional trading environment and customer assistance to our clients.

Accounts at Major Banks

As part of our quality-first approach, we deliver our services in collaboration with major worldwide institutions. The Zara FX brand has grown in popularity as a result of the liquidity options we give through globally recognised banks.

Funds Segregation

Your money is secure in your account. It is not linked to the company account, and the funds are not reflected on the balance sheet, so we cannot utilise them to repay creditors if any essential circumstances occur.

Management of Risk

Volatility is a natural aspect of market trading. Profit comes from risk, but you might also lose your money. Even in extremely volatile situations, our negative balance protection policy ensures that the customer is not obligated to repay the negative sum.

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