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Traders may choose not to take physical delivery of commodities and instead deal in Futures contracts.

Seasonal influences have a significant impact on coffee prices. There is no peak supply of coffee in the globe at any one period of year. Coffee consumption decreases in the summer and increases in the winter. Prices rise throughout the winter months.


Sugar is one of the most traded commodities since it is utilised all over the world. Traders should be aware that sugar is also a component of biofuels. The demand for biofuel grows year after year, yet the supply is not always sufficient.


LCocoa is traded in futures contracts on many exchanges to manage price risk for consumers and for producers to secure selling or purchase prices. The profit amounts to the difference between the price of the shares at the time of purchase and the current price.


Cotton's pricing fluctuates much because of its need for water. When supply is restricted, prices might rise. China is the world's top producer and consumer of cotton, dominating the production rankings. India is in second place, with the United States in third.


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